Casablanca, Tagaytay,Philippines 2010

I am back in Manila for long weekend. I am not expecting anything but just to spend time with my family and play with my hyper active but lovable nieces and nephew. Touched down Manila, Saturday night & went straight to grocery store with my mom. Honestly, I got irritated with all those pressure just to be in the market before it closes and get all what we can. I was like, I just got here...hello? and I am here to relax not to do amazing race.

So, anyway I didn't know we got something planned for long weekend -Hola! Tagaytay. Tagaytay has special place in my heart because everything gets perfect when you are there. It is just an hour or two away from the city, perfect escape to chill out and hang out with people close to your heart and for all the coffee lovers... grab your fave cup of coffee and enjoy the cool breeze in Tagaytay.

Tagaytay is perfect in its own way but we found this place that has the perfect view of  Tagaytay - Casablanca. What about Casablanca? It is a big house turn into a hotel and when you rent it the whole place is yours. It can accommodate thirty people that's why make sure when you plan to rent it, bring all your loved ones. See? me I just thought of being with my family and the next thing I know I was playing pool & doing videoke with my grandma, cousins, uncles and aunties. Yes! it has pool tables, swimming pool, videoke and the like.

What are the other details? Oh! do they serve food? No. Since they respect your privacy no one else is there except you & your crew. You can bring food. They got posh, spacious, clean dinning area. How about the rate? the whole place you can get it less than $1,000 USD.  It is not expensive at all because you have the whole house plus it can accommodate thirty people that can have their fair share, right? After all, it is worth your money because you are able to spend time with the people you love. Experience - Priceless!

For booking, make sure you do in advance due to the place is in demand. By the way, don't hesitate to shoot some question. I'll be happy to help in any way I can. :)

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