Master Cuts in Pittsburgh (the Mall at Robinsons)


Should I say more? 😑

|| Old Post 2012||

Coleman’s Fish Market

|| old post from 2011||

One day we decided to explore Wheeling area. Those were the days that we were like - what are we doing here inside the house? why are we sitting here? we are not old!!! as soon as my hubby said the word old we got up on our seat and hurried to get our butt in the car.  LOL.

I started searching online where we can go around Wheeling area, we know that we are hungry so we decided to look for must try food. I used YELP app in my iphone and I pull up Coleman's Fish Market. The reviews was really shining with four stars and plus my hubby loves seafood. We decided to drive there and we are just right on time, as soon as we placed our order whew! the QUEUE seems like will take forever but honestly I applaud them for their systematic way on how you will place your order and it is really fast.

The Food. We had their special - Coleman something (I forgot what exactly they called it) together with it is fries and I decided to order clam chowder soup. I asked hubby how he thinks about the food. He said he likes it. I can't agree with him because I didn't like it. I am not a fan. It is lacking of something. Maybe I am just used to eating real fresh seafood that's why I am kinda disappointed. What I am saying is that it is not that great but it is decent. But we both agreed that the clam chowder soup was really delicious. That makes my whole meal fab! and fries too!!!

We'll still visit as my hubby likes it and I'll definitely try different from their menu but for sure it should be with fries and clam chowder soup. :)

The best part of our Wheeling exploration is that... we left our car in the Centre Market and walked around downtown in a cold sunny day. It's so perfect! I'll share more soon...

The Best Way To Eat Champorado

SMOTHERED | /ˈsməT͟Hərd| it with MILK! Powdered or evap milk. It does not matter as long as Champorado is covered with MILK. I enjoyed it that way. I don't know about you. How do you eat your Champorado then? 


Shop & Get Paid

Yes you heard it right! Ebates pay you for all your online shopping. Woot! 
That's my Ebates account and you can see my cash back (top right) and no! I am not a shopper! Yuh! Just a bargain huntuh! (lol!)
I would like to share this great perks, if you do want to earn cash back
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Shop til you drop
Enjoy that cha-ching!!!

Is it Kitty Approved?

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About Last Spring

Dress: Zara | Sports Blazer: Haggar 

Sweaters & Warmth

Snagged this great sweater from Old Navy for my hubby. It’s not easy to shop for him because he is a tall guy. Hubby wears “Tall” size for tops because if not, it’s a hanging top (haha!). Fortunately, Old Navy always carries tall sizes and found this for $8! Can I get a what? What?! LoL!

Choose Wisely

Probiotics For Cats -That Works!

This is an overdue review for this amazing supplement product -"Probiotics" for cats from PETUltimates. I am so thankful that I found this product on Amazon. Our Coco got very sick last fall. She had an explosive diarrhea plus vomiting too. It was really bad. My heart was broken to see her suffer like that and  I will make sure she won't go through that again. 

We rushed her to our Vet. The Vet told us that they will give her a shot for vomiting and for diarrhea. We thought it will be back to normal after a week but no. I called her Vet (middle of second week) to let them know that Coco is still not feeling well after all the medications. The Vet told me that it maybe due to "change in diet".  The Vet suggested to give her hypoallergenic food and probiotics. 

Mid July we adopted a new kitty - Mia. We gave Mia kitty food and when we let Coco visit Mia's room there was left over food, and Coco would eat it. Now that make sense... the cause of all this was due to "change in diet". I felt so bad because It was my FAULT! (devastated).  I decided not to bring Coco back to her Vet, it was just too much medications for her. I then, followed the Vet's advise and made a lot a research. 

I changed her food (I will share to you all about it next blog) and incorporated the probiotics in her food. I remember that her Vet told me that if I'll buy from them, they will give her "Forta Flora Probiotics" but I read the reviews on Amazon, it is not giving me a warm fuzzy feeling. I found this "Vetri-Science Mega Probiotic Dog and Cat Supplement"  which has good and bad reviews. I gave it a try having in mind that I have to make sure that when I give it to Coco, I need to observe if she'll like it. Unfortunately, third day she vomited. She didn't agree with it. Every cat is different and this company understood that. I returned the product and they refunded me. 

FINALLY, I saw this on Amazon and I read "PETUlitimates Probiotics For Cats -20 Species -Stops Diarrhea and Vomiting, Cuts Litter Box Smell" I was like... that checks all the problems that Coco is dealing right now. I read the reviews and it has more positives than negatives. I ordered it, it arrived on time. Followed the instruction/s, gave Coco her food with "PetUlitimate Probiotics" mixed it in, she smelled her food and devoured it and get this - She did not throw up! even the day after that and the day after that. LOL! At this point, I was really teary. I am just glad that she liked it and she is feeling better and better each day. 

Fast forward to now, litter box doesn't stink, no diarrhea and no vomiting. By the way, Mia loves it too! 

I am beyond happy for this awesome product! Our two kitties are super happy too! Thank you "PetUlitimate Probiotics" for being true to all your claims. Keep up the great work!  

 My kitties approved of this and This is not a sponsored review.