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Today mom asked me to change her profile picture in her Facebook page and while sorting / choosing which one... I found myself in tears. I know!!! I miss her so much!!!

Pearl Farm Davao


Samal Island - Pearl Farm

Brief details how to get to Davao:-
Our accommodation- my best friend's home

For International Flight (Check if you can have direct flight from where you are from to Davao)

Airport codes:-

Manila International Airport: MNL
Davao International Airport: DVO

Airlines:- I'll just recommend these two airlines since I am always using them for my trips

Philippine Airlines
Cebu Pacific (always check for promos for they have PISO fare ($1 roundtrip)

For Airport Pick up:-

You can arrange with Pearl Farm


Public transportation are available in Davao Airport

Pearl Farm Website:-


Map of Samal and other Islands

Until now its still fresh in my memory the beauty of Pearl Farm. It makes me so hyped up to pack my things and visit there again and again and again. SERIOUSLY!!!! I am even thinking living there for the whole summer. Just to relax and unwind. That would be PERFECT!

If you are on a budget like us, you have an option just to pay for their day tour. It cost us Php1,800 per person ($25.00 est) which includes welcome drink and lunch buffet. Pearl Farm is in Samal Island so better be there early to catch the first trip. Boat ride takes about 30-45min depends which month you are visiting but the best months is March  to April since its our summer time. Pearl Farm has a nice receiving area / waiting area that you can't feel anything except excitement.

Pearl Farm such a beauty

When we arrived in the Island they welcomed us with refreshments and gave us an orientation about different activities they offer and etc. But us, this what happened

1. We sun bath first, swim a little and ask how much if we wanted to go snorkeling, jet-skiing and visit other Island.

Buffet Area - Pearl Farm
2. After we got our little tan and know some details, what to do. We went ahead and ate lunch.
3. We sun bath again.
4. Visited Malipano Island (You can always go there for free, just check the boat times and they will be happy to bring you to Malipano Island and back to Pearl Farm again. It's just 10min or less away. As Malipano Island is just adjacent to Pearl Farm.
5. Stayed in Malipano Island for an hour I guess explored the place and sun bath again.
6. Here is the catch!!! We decided to be back again the next day. Hahaha! Na unsa man dia tah oi!!! Kay lami man guiod sa Pearl farm - What happened to us!!!  Because it's really beautiful in Pearl Farm!!!!

Malipano Island
Next Day

At diving Shop with Pearl Farm People

We paid for snorkeling and jet ski :) Let's just say I don't want to remember how much money we spent but it was all worth it!!!

You must visit soon. This is just the Preview of  Davao's beauty. I'll blog more when me and my friends went food trip in the city.


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