Part 2 - How To Travel To Manila, Philippines During Pandemic


Part 2 - When in doubt, call your airline/s and or go to the official government website that has covid-19 advisory

March 7, 2021/ Sunday/ Quarantine Hotel


In my case, I chose only to transit within US territory. Usually when you fly to go to Philippines, airlines connect you through NRT, Japan or ICN, Seoul. Well, for how many years I am flying to and from US - MNL that's where I always connect to.

Since it's pandemic, I decided to just transit through US territory. My itinerary goes like this ---

PIT (Pittsburgh)-EWR (New Jersey) - LAX (Los Angeles) - HNL (Honolulu) - GUM (Guam) - MNL (Manila)

the reason I chose this is because it's easier for me to know the rules and restriction of each state than connecting through a different country. Since it's pandemic, every country has their own rules and restrictions. One of the most common thing that you'll be required... is to provide negative covid-19 test result. If not, you can't board the plane. Also, take note that, there is only a certain validity window (example within 72hrs) for the negative covid-19 test result and it will be so stressful to figure it out due to time difference. So, choosing this route is a no brainer.

So, I had issue with my HAWAII connection. Some people are saying that I need to provide negative test result and some people are saying - people who is only transiting through Hawaii does not need one. I told myself, I need to get to the bottom of this because if I get stuck in Hawaii that's not good - not when it's pandemic because I will need to quarantine for 10 days at my own expense. Uhm - no thank you! 

Here's what I did. First I called my airline and asked them about my concern. My airline confirmed that I won't need to present negative covid-19 test result and gave me the link to verify the information that they gave me. I also emailed the government of Hawaii regarding my concern. Within a day, I got an answer and confirmed that I don't need to present covid-19 test result but I need to register to "travel Hawaii" - and it will generate QR code that I will present when I land in HNL airport. 

Just remember, resources are already available to you. Just need to know how to use it and of course, it includes a lot of prayers -- only God can give you the wisdom you'll need. 


A day before your travel, just be sure to check all the requirements to all your connection and to your destination. Again, I am sharing this based on my experience going to Manila, Philippines from USA. 

How To Travel To Manila, Philippines During Pandemic




i.   A Filipino citizen who has been continuously out of the Philippines for a period of at least one (1) year;

ii.  A Filipino overseas worker;

iii. A former Filipino citizen and his family who had been naturalized in a foreign country and comes or returns to the Philippines. --- This is moi as in me at ako! 

b. Immediate family members (spouse and children) of the Balikbayan, who are nationals of countries falling under EO 408, travelling together with the Balikbayan.


March 6, 2021/ 9:59PM / Quarantine Hotel

I decided to write about my journey going back to the Philippines because it's been six years since my last visit and I am traveling during the pandemic. Yay! Exciting. I was able to go because I am considered as a former national of the Philippines. So, all this experience is based on that reason why I was able to be here. 

I booked my flight around December 2020. I took a year off from work and 2021 will be the perfect time for me to see my family and friends. I miss them so much! So, I wanted to do something for my birthday hence the reason why I booked my flight on the month of MARCH! (hint! hint!) 

As you know, the Philippines always changing their travel rules every minute and it was nerve wracking waiting for your trip because you'll never know if you are allowed to enter or not. I am saying this because, January 2021. Philippines put a travel ban to 46 countries which includes USA (due to the new covid-19 variant) and even if you are former national, if you come from these lists of countries you are not allowed in the Philippines. Yes. OMG!

I didn't cancel my flight. Not giving up. Next month for sure it will be different (I was saying this to myself!). A little tip (that helped me to be updated) - YouTube was my bestfriend to keep me up to date about travel restrictions. I am not in anyway paid or sponsored by this vlogger but I am doing this because her content is / was always up to date and  clear. Here is her YouTube Link -

Thanks Jennifer Teri! Helped me a lot how to be ready for my trip.

February came and the travel ban was lifted and Balikbayans are now allowed to enter the Philippines. Yay! #rightontime


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