Amtrak California Zephyr - Eastbound or Westbound?


Photo from Amtrak Website

Long time ago I read a blog about Amtrak -California Zephyr. I tried to find the blogger to give him credit but can't find his blog any longer. Anyway, thank you for taking time to write about California Zephyr that I was able to remember it and hence the reason I was able to present the idea to my hubby. 

We are booked for next year,2021!. Yay! My hubby is not a fan of flying so when I suggested for us to take the train, he said he'd rather do that than to be on a plane. 

Honestly, I planned this trip for a month or two and within that timeframe I changed the plan like 3 times. The original plan was, we'll start our journey from West to East because they said it is prettier to go that way. For some reason, after I finished our plan and presented it to my hubby, I read more reviews and found out that if we start West there might be a chance to missed the best views. 

Here is the California Zephyr Schedule -

Photo From Amtrak

Upon checking the schedule, I changed our plan to Westbound (East - West) because I considered the fact that we are planning this trip around winter time which means longer nights. Even if there will be delays we won't miss the best scenic views of our train ride. They said Colorado is where the train ride gets interesting so I want to be sure we'll be there daylight and that's only possible if we take Westbound (see schedule). 

That's the only factor why I changed from Eastbound to Westbound and oh! (I lied) also because we are just doing a one way trip that's why I want to be sure that we will see everything and won't missed nothing! 

I am reading a lot of reviews that either route will be beautiful and it all comes down to your preference and what will be the best for you. So, to some of my readers that has the same factors to consider same like mine, hope this helps a little bit to plan your train trip a bit easier. 

Keep you all posted after our Amtrak California Zephyr Train adventure. Who knows, we might end up doing both routes. Haha!

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