MaxTour Vegas Review

I booked this tour because I want us to have a perfect day celebrating our 10'th year anniversary and MAXTOUR did not disappoint us!  We had an AWESOME time

A little background. I was looking online for a small group tours. Page after page I found MAXTOUR, looked for what tours they offer but then sometimes we just need a quick answer for everything. There goes the chat window and Matthew answered all my questions. One major thing for me, to be comfortable booking a tour or to try any service is to be sure... it is easy to get hold of the company and MAXTOUR did exactly that!  

I decided to booked with MAXTOUR. I originally booked the 3 Day Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion, Antelope Canyon and Monument Valley Tour but due to COVID some area of that tour is not open so it was cancelled. I appreciate Matthew for giving me a heads up ahead of time, that enable me to do adjustments with our itinerary. 

I didn't give up on them (LOL) and I am so glad I did not! I instead booked (Full day) Grand Canyon West, Hoover Dam, and Seven Magic Mountains Tour.


A day before the tour, I received a message from Kevin. The details of what time we will be picked up, what type of vehicle he'll be driving, the photo of a map for pick up location and that he (Kevin) will be our tour guide. I thought that is so nice to know ahead of time. I am actually so IMPRESSED that it made so excited for the tour! 



We were picked-up on time. Kevin greeted us together with the tour group that we will be with that day. We ended up having 10 people total. For me, that's exactly a perfect number. Kevin gave us details of how our day will be like and he did an awesome job how organized it was planned. I actually appreciate that even the restroom break was part of the itinerary. 

Our van was spacious and clean. Kevin prepared a bin under our seats so we can put our trash throughout the day in that bin. 

Kevin made sure that we stayed hydrated throughout our day and constantly asking us if we what some snacks. 


I know this so petty but we start our tour early and as a coffee person, I want to start my day with my coffee. I told myself I will just buy coffee as soon as gas stop happens but then, I was surprised when Kevin told us that he got iced coffee. Here is the proof that made my day! Starbucks
 iced coffee! Oh em gee! Those details though makes you appreciate tours like this! 

We had enough time to each location, we don't feel rushed. The whole full day was exactly what my hubby and I needed. The day is so perfectly planned that we were able to stop to two bonus locations, which are Lake Mead Lakeview Overlook and Joshua Tree Forest.





MAXTOUR and Kevin did an OUTSTANDING JOB!   

I recommend booking with them. 

Please keep up the GOOD WORK MAXTOUR! Don't change what you do because we will definitely be back! 

Thanks for letting us have a wonderful and memorable 10'th year anniversary!


PS: I actually booked two tours. First was with MAXTOUR and the second tour was with COEXIST WEST COAST. I am afraid that I have nothing good to say about COEXIST WEST COAST so there won't be any review for them. MAXTOUR together with Kevin set our standard so high that COEXIST WEST COAST wasn't able to deliver!


Classic Eyelash Extensions Flawless by Lola Review

Disclaimer: All my reviews are not sponsored or paid by any company. Just like you, I am a paying customer, so expect authentic and unbiased reviews here.

//Behind every woman's beautiful eyelashes is a wonderful artist.//

Service: Classic Eyelash Extensions

When: 21 May 2021 at 11am

Where: 4101 Brownsville Road Suite 200 Pittsburgh, PA 15227

Price: Worth it! $$$ 

*I got first time customer discount rate, just like what she advertised on groupon.


I first saw FLAWLESS BY LOLA on groupon a year ago but due unforeseen circumstance I canceled it. Fast forward to this year, I have special celebration coming up and wanted to look extra pretty (lol) so I thought I'll give eyelash extension another try. 

Why another try? A little story...I actually had my eyelash extension done by Dekalash, Greentree (2 years ago). I wanted to try their service and so I went ahead and got their groupon deal. It was not a great experience. The lady who did my eyelashes never even bother to have a conversation with me. I feel like, I was treated unfair because I came in using just a groupon / promotional rate. 

To make the story even worse, my eyelashes hurts even when I just blink or wash my face. During the process, It's stinging here and there. I would ask her to fan it out. It was a bit traumatic trying eyelash extension for the first time. 

Back to FLAWLESS BY LOLA. I remembered FLAWLESS BY LOLA and wanted to check if I can still try her service. I search on groupon and fortunately, I saw that she still got deals running. I read her groupon reviews and I am really intrigued by the shining five stars reviews she got. 

All Dolled Up

I called her according to the groupon reviews she got. Please do call her before buying anything off of groupon. Lola is so easy to talk to and you'll get the answer you'll need right away. In my case, I called Friday and wanted to check if she got opening for the next day. She said she will let me know as soon as there is someone that reschedules. She told me that I don't need to worry about buying off of groupon as she will honor the rate she advertised on groupon for all her first time customers. Later that day, I received a text from her, informing me that she can schedule me for tomorrow. YAY!

I came in... in her little charming studio and was greeted by LOLA. She made me feel so comfortable and had good conversations. 

Honestly, I didn't feel like I was treated less because I am trying FLAWLESS BY LOLA classic eyelash extensions service on a promotional rate. I received VIP treatment. 😊 

LOLA is so personable and sweet.

After care essentials

My fear of eyelash extensions is restored! I didn't have any issue with how LOLA - FLAWLESS BY LOLA did my eyelashes. During the application, I never felt any stinging sensation or even the need to ask LOLA to fan it out because it hurts.  

I can blink comfortably without any problem. I washed my face, eyelashes does not hurt at all. 

What a wonderful service I received from FLAWLESS BY LOLA. 

FLAWLESS BY LOLA reviews is not just a hype, its for real!

Definitely be back for her services and continue to support local small business like FLAWLESS BY LOLA who will treat you the best!

#supportsmallbusiness #happyclient




If you never been in  an ALL INCLUSIVE Resort

hurry and book now! We had a blast!

Just few details about our Punta Cana trip:-

^I booked through a travel agency. If you missed the details about how I planned our Caribbean trip here is the link -

^ Direct Flight to Punta Cana via Allegiant Airlines (included in our Apple Vacations travel package)

^Stayed for a week in Vik Cayena Beach. Thanks for their Hospitality, we really enjoyed our stay, our food and our drinks! *cheers*


She's the BEST 

^You can browse their Resort here -
Btw, remember your one week accommodation in an ALL INCLUSIVE resort will be included if you booked via APPLE VACATIONS. So no need to make a separate reservation unless you only really need a place to stay.  

^I will have a review soon for APPLE VACATIONS as we are so happy with their service.
 For now, here is their website!/
^There are options for you to include local tours or excursions in your package but of course that is extra.  I opted to look for tours myself. I'll blog about that excursion soon! πŸ˜‰



Lola Nena’s Donut Review

Here's my deal with Lola Nena's Old Fashion Donut


YAS!!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‰



Puerto Del Sol Resort Review - Bolinao, Pangasinan



When: 22 -23 March 2021 
Room: 1 Casitas for 7pax
Price: Php14,000 - Php15,000 / $250 - $300 with Buffet Breakfast 
The ease of communicating with them - WOW. 
Communicated with them through FB messenger and got our questions answered within a few hours. Quotation was within 24hrs. All the details that we need to know was properly communicated to us. I was able to bring with me my senior citizen Mom and my three nieces plus my Kuya and Sister-in-law. This was during pandemic but fortunately, the month of March 2021 they are open to all ages - means they ease their restrictions.

Check-in process
We arrived around 11am on a Sunday. We are early for our 2pm check-in but as soon as we reached the resort, there are already employees handling the (parking) traffic. We were greeted and instructed to stay in our car so that they can still observe social distancing and handle all the people who are checking out. I thought that's really nice and very organized. Around noon, the employee told us that it's okay for us to check-in. There was no line or long wait. We were accommodated as soon as we entered the Front Desk Office. Since we are early for our check-in, they provided us a little Cabana Hut to be able to enjoy the beach right away while they are preparing and sanitizing our Casita and also told us that we can have our lunch anytime we want.

Waiting Area - Cabana Hut

Casitas and Kubo Accommodation

Our Casita

Our Casita - 2nd Room

Food: Their food is expensive but man! They are all delicious! We enjoyed every little bit of it. From Main dish to dessert. YUM!
By the way, our buffet breakfast has a lot of selections and the way they do it was so organized that social distancing is still observed and everyone was able to enjoy the "buffet" breakfast without feeling unsafe.

The Resort: Well maintained.  Always clean.



I ended up going here in Puerto del Sol Resort because my Siargao Trip was canceled. I'm so heartbroken because I traveled across the world and my Siargao trip is something that I look forward to but due to Covid-19 restrictions, I decided to let it go. Honestly, Puerto del Sol came as a rebound but little did I know... I am exactly where I need to be. 

Puerto del Sol employees made it a perfect vacation. They are always ready to help and always have smile on their faces even though we all know, it was tough because of the pandemic. 

I'll definitely give them a visit. They were able to mend my broken heart! πŸ˜‰