Billabong - Night Out Dress

I always like Billabong brand. I found this Summer Dress and I know I can use this dress in different ways. Funny thing though, I got the dress from Amazon because I am not sure with their (Billabong) sizing. You know when you have Amazon prime, shopping is so easier (returns and exchange)! Here is the link for the product --- This is what the Summer Dress look like and grabbed it from Billabong website.
Now, here I am sharing how I used the dress for WORK. Yes! I wore it for WORK!

Blazer got from H&M, four years ago 

I am super happy. I'll update sometime in Spring for more different styles.

The Awesome Cat Carrier


xx not sponsored review xx

Our vet and pet salon visits makes it easy breezy because my kitties loves their carrier. They love it so much to the point that, sometimes we caught them taking their afternoon naps in it. Also the reason why we decided to get this one, is because it is "COLLAPSABLE" (space saver) but it has a "HARD CASE COVER"(our babies are safe and secure). I found this awesome carrier from Amazon. Here is the link to see the details to it --


Here are my two sweet kitties in their "Pet Magasin" carrier. As soon as I assemble the carrier, Coco went in and laid in her carrier and I was like, ok! We'll keep this then! 



Always Kitty Day

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