Paradiso (Bed & Breakfast) KL, Malaysia

Definitely two thumbs up for this hostel. Located in the city. Everything is just within your reach; Shopping malls, Petronas (don't be lazy it's fun just make sure you have your camera with you), train/mrt, restaurants from cheap to expensive one, and at night, you can just go around and look where you & your friends can hang out and anytime you can take taxi, there are a lot & not that expensive. I stayed there overnight but was able to do a lot of things.

Paradiso indeed a paradise despite the hassle and bustle outside. Staffs are all friendly and accommodating. Rooms & restrooms are super clean. Sofa in the living area is marshmallow like for its softness, super relaxing and you can chill out with your friends... you can watch movies, play video games or sing even more you can meet other nationals for it is common area or hang out roof top and chill with bottle of wine. It has also mini library just saying for bookworms.

What I love the most... the price for a night is just so cheap that will make you want to live there. A night per person cost only $10 usd. And they don't treat you less.

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