Keep in Mind: Get a Travel Insurance

I am used to traveling without insurance. It's always been like that. Whenever I'll do booking online there's this page that they will ask you to get an insurance - I so hate that page. Hello! I am flying on a promo ticket. Hahaha! Me & my friends always click "no" on that certain page because if we click "yes" dang! our budget will be at risk and what's the essence of buying a promo ticket then. *pouts*

Last year, there's an H1N1 outbreak and we are headed to California to celebrate Christmas & New Year there. Though I know that time, December month, the people aren't that paranoid anymore about that outbreak  even me.

Friday night me and my friends went out then stayed at Starbucks (no sleep) until the sun rise and so its safe for us to go home. Then, when I got home around six in the morning, I need to fix myself because will go to my nephew's first birthday party. So, its been twenty four hours that I am awake. I got five hours sleep and need to get ready for 9am Church service.

After Church, I feel so weak. My whole body is aching and my head feels like exploding. Take note, our flight is on Monday night. I took some rest it might be I am over fatigue. Monday morning, I don't have a strength to pack my things (I hate packing) even I know I have to, I rest some more and took paracetamol. I got well a little, packed my things and make it 'till LAX airport.

When my Uncle picked us up... I was really coughing. My throat is so itchy. From LA we traveled one or two hours to San Diego. When we arrived in SD... Oh dang! I don't want to remember. Literally, I got a high fever, I was chillin', my eyes is a little reddish and I feel like I am dying. The next morning, I told my mom what happened and she was so mad at me why I didn't let her know. She said I can die that time. I can feel my own heat. Its really weird.

Around four, my face is different already. The back of my right ear really hurts. I am starting to have rashes in my face then down to my whole body. Mom was really worried because it might be H1N1 or dengue. She tourniquet my arm and saw little red spots. The moment she saw it she decided to rush me in the Hospital.

By the way, I don't want to go with them in the hospital. Why? because I never been hospitalized in my whole life and second, I was thinking of the expense we will have. It might minus to my shopping budget. :( I remember I was in tears. They thought I am so scared but I am so frustrated thinking that I won't have budget for shopping. I am such a silly girl. *big smile* then, I heard myself saying... It might be expensive? me, rushing to ER.

Dad said... no. We got insurance right? I was like are you sure they will accept it? In short, I was hospitalized for ten hours. They dextrose me. Examined my urine. Took some blood. X-ray my chest. Took 500g of Tylenol because my fever so high. Got interviewed by this hunk doctor. All my result are negative for H1N1 and for dengue. Thank you, Lord! I got home around 2am and everyone got their peace of mind. I am negative to either H1N1 or dengue.

I remember me saying to my dad that don't get insurance. We won't need it. Good thing he didn't took my advice. My insurance payed all my hospitalization charges, i think its USD$150. We got the insurance only for a thousand pesos.

If you are traveling and want to get an insurance. I can recommend a broker. Now, we always get insurance from his office.

Details: Jimmy Siybauco (ESP member/ Insurance Broker)
            For his email address & contact number just let me know then I'll give you.


PS. Please do specially to frequent travelers out there. :)

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