Lost in Singapore? find out helpful & reliable website

 We all know that Singapore is a small country but one thing that I noticed and based on my experience; their land are well planned. You might say they should because they just got small land but what amazes me is that they are able to maximize what they have. I lived their for almost a year but there are still areas that I haven't explored.

I didn't have the hard time when it comes to directions. In Singapore, as long you have the postal code, you'll get to your exact location. The website that I am going to share with you is so helpful - http://gothere.sg/maps. You will just put there from point A to point B and they will give an answer how to go there. And if your are an iphone user there is a free application which is SG Buses . They will give real time bus schedule so you will know if how long will you wait and what bus to take and also you can download google map (http://maps.google.com.sg/) to your iphone. It will serve as your GPS. It is fun. I tried it myself. 

Now, you won't be lost.


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