SM Prestige Lounge, Philippines

I can't say that I am a fan of Shoemart (SM). Oh well, it is a fact that it gave me goosebumps when I learn why it is named Shoemart now SM. Who wouldn't anyway it was a beautiful and encouraging story. You can check this link  - - - -he discussed there briefly how it started and became super mall. :)

Seriously, whenever I am in a hurry especially those random invites that entails dressing up, no doubt! You'll see me in SM. Lol! I'll start from my section - Girls to Women but before, I do check teen section for dresses because most of the time they got cute & simple one. Unfortunately, our body do expand. So even if I like it, I can't anymore. Haha!

Anyway, I do shop there because as their jingle goes "we've got it all, for you"  which is true. Now, they even have a lounge where you can just stay and rest while waiting for your family to finish their shopping. The SM Prestige lounge. It is really a wonderful treat for SM dear shoppers.

I was able to experience it because my parents are prestige card holders. The Prestige lounge is really posh and most specially this dry season, it is a perfect place. Instead staying at home and your AC is on all day better make use of your privilege as prestige card  holder. Go there, sit back and relax, they have newspapers, refreshments and it is a wi-fi zone.

For more details on how to avail Prestige card and have a glimpse of how the lounge looks like, just check this out -

Cheers to SM Prestige Lounge! xoxo

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