Sprinkles Cupacakes, Newport Beach, CA

I heard that there's a Sprinkles craze and as a tourist I wanted to know what about it. I sweetly asked my cousin if Sprinkles is really yummy and luckily she haven't tasted it. Aha! Sounds like a plan. We will be coming from San Diego and they are driving us to LAX airport. So, before heading to airport, my cousin secretly (the oldies didn't know) exit to Newport Beach -hahaha! for us to have a taste of this cupcake.

The location was great because there are a lot of parking area and it was still early so no queue at all. The place is really POSH even the people that  lives there. The Sprinkles store I can say... they achieved the saying "Simplicity is beauty". Even their packaging is such a beauty plus its earth friendly. I kept the wooden fork which has Sprinkles engrave in it. :) We tried all the flavors so we'll know what our taste buds prefers the next time we'll be there. By the way, their specialty is the Red Velvet.

Sprinkles cupcakes for me is just ok. Nothing so special about it and its too sweet for me but I don't regret going there. One because I didn't pay for it and two I had great time with my cousins & parents before leaving California. The experience that I had from there is priceless. But the cupcakes hmmm... I didn't like it and its really pricey. Now, I am wondering why they are crazy about it? :s

PS - Comments from tourist and locals-- http://www.yelp.com/biz/sprinkles-cupcakes-newport-beach

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