Universal Studios, Singapore

Finally! Huuraah! I was able to get inside Universal Studios. Alright, let me explain....back 2004 I was in Universal Studios, Los Angeles but  I was just outside...strolling around City Walk. It was fun  (http://www.citywalkhollywood.com/) but I wasn't expecting that I'll just stay there and never see what's inside Universal studios. I don't know why we didn't went in, I am shy to ask my aunt tour guide, I might sound demanding & even if I want I can't I am just a student that time. Sad, right?

Then just this year I went back to California to spend Christmas and New Year with my relatives there. During our reunion we planned that we'll go to Universal Studios on New Year's day. New Year's day came, my cousin  is not feeling well due to her colds & flu. Our Universal Studios didn't push through instead we went Laguna Beach which I will blog about soon. It was fine because I know Universal Studios in Singapore will be open just the right time when I will be back there. 

Together with my friends we went Universal Studios, Singapore to check it out. Went there weekend & purchased ticket at Universal Studios booth. No hassle & also no queue. We paid S$70 per head at that time and we find the price alright because included in your seventy dollars is $10 for food which you can use anywhere inside the park (try Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor ) & S$5 for any souvenir shop inside the park.

 At that time, when we were there the extreme ride is not yet operating. But we had great fun. Please don't miss out - lights, camera action, the MUMMY ride (it is a must!) & do not forget to pose with your fave characters. :) And also please make sure that be there earlier so that you'll have ample time to visit all the seven places in the park since it closes early compare to other Universal Studios. 

For more information since I know they extended their operating hours already just check this link http://www.rwsentosa.com/language/en-US/Attractions/UniversalStudiosSingapore


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