//iPhone is Love//

A little background about me and Mike. We met online (oh well, from one of iPhone's app) and we've been exchanging e-mails, chatting & talking over the phone for several months now. During that time, I was torn between going back to Singapore or accept my dad's offer to handle the business that he wanted to pursue in the states. I started talking about Mike to my mom. I said we met online & he is from Virginia. This guy, he answer my questions that you can say that he is a  man that has a direction & goals in life  and my heart is at peace with him whenever we talk then I get to share with him important details in my life. I shared everything to my mom & I let her read Mike's emails. Then, suddenly she told me... what are you doing here? there's a meeting today and your dad wants you there... didn't you understand he is willingly to send you in Washington for the Annual conference that will be held there? He is just waiting for you to decide if you'll accept his offer or the Singapore one. And the next thing we know... we are out of bed and in a hurry to make it on time for the meeting.  

To make the story short, I accepted my dad's offer and wrote to my Singapore employer that I won't be back anymore. And told Mike my plans of going to Washington and to attend the conference on 25th to 29th June. I am not really expecting this trip though. Mike told me that on 29th June its his birthday & told me he'll be there in Washington to see me... what? goosebumps! I was like, really? are you for real? are you near Washington,DC? He said its alright but on the latter part, I found out that it was 7hr drive. Geez! <3

Anyway, this what happened... My business trip was cancelled. The Conference that should be the launch of our new business suddenly moved next year. Our business partner wasn't able to register us as an exhibitor and the materials wasn't able to ship out yet. I was really devastated at that time because I gave up my Singapore job already and at the same time, I am really ashamed with Mike because we kinda made plans together already and even more he might think I am just making things up which I can't bear to hear at that time. I cried myself to sleep and wrote him what happened while trying to write in a kind way that don't want talk to me anymore (I am afraid of what he might say to me).

Mike's persistence prevailed. He wrote back and I wasn't expecting he'll react that way...that he really cares for me & that I shouldn't be sad because... if it is meant to be, it will be.

True enough... 22nd June I was here in LAX then next day 23rd I am scheduled to meet him in Baltimore, Maryland. But shoots! I missed my flight!

(to be continued) 


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