Philippine Airlines, Mabuhay! (Solo Trip)


I don't know but I feel like flying to LA got shorter or is it because take off pa lang tulog na tulog na ako. Hahaha! My last December trip I feel like its an 20hr flight. Maybe because I was so feeling unwell. 

I had a great flight and it was fun because I met someone on the plane. Ok She's a girl and at first she's not talking to me and I found out why... because she thought I am not Filipina... then we laughed and the chikkahan begins.

We slept a lot! both of us. We will just wake up when they are serving food already or we will have restroom break. It was really a smooth plane ride though sometimes its a little bumpy but its like a lullaby to me & I guess to Sue as well -- hilong talilong kaming dalawa. What is dead asleep? hahaha!

We even wasn't able to finish the movie that we are watching because we started watching when we are descending - ang labo talaga naming dalawa. We even got upset when they are collecting the headsets. Ang aarte! LOL.

I really like Philippine Airlines. Their food is always excellent; they got comfortable seats; efficient stewardess & Pilots and of course, I will always patronize our very own airline. 

Mabuhay! Wag sayangin ang MILES! 


*photo taken at LAX airport. 930pm 22 June 2010*

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