I Heart H&M


For a simple reason that it is not overpriced and the quality is really great. Most of their clothes are not made in China. Most clothes I bought from them are from Portugal, India and etc.

I visited H&M in San Diego, LA and New York City . I don't like the H&M in Plaza Bonita, San Diego. Thanks to my ever reliable friends and cousins that always bring me to top of the list shopping malls. My friend brought me last year in Americana, Glendale. They said its the new mall in the area and H&M store is big there. Yahoo! As my friend say it - kakabaliw sa daming mabibili! (makes you go crazy because there's a lot  to buy). And its true! no wonder why we are friends... I went crazy as well! haha! 

The Americana Mall is really beautiful. Oh ya! I'll just write a review about the malls I visited in California. :) Since I was with my dad the last time I was in the states, we visited different outlet stores/ shopping malls everyday! and stay there the whole day! No exaggeration!!! Nakakabored! :/
H&M (Americana, Glendale)

Anyway, back to H&M. :P I also liked the H&M store in Fashion Island in New Port Beach, CA. It is a big store also but not as big as in Americana because its a 2 floors. 

New Port Beach, CA
In Manhattan, H&M is in every corner but my favorite store is in East 42nd St. Two floors and they always has the latest items and their on SALE clothes are always perfect! Last week I bought this dress in 5th Ave then the next day when I went to 42nd St., it was on SALE! urgh! 

Happy Shopper @ 42nd St

For me, it is a cheap version of Zara and Forever 21 but a quality one. <3 I do like Forever 21 but I find it overpriced and if you'll buy printed one with a pricey tag ... there are big chances you'll see someone wearing the same clothes you are wearing. Cheese Luis! that's a no-no! plus the fact that we only have one forever 21 store in the Philippines. I just can't wait for H&M to have a store in the Philippines, if I will still be happy with their pricing & the quality of the clothes they will sell. 

Hmmm... :D

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