L'venia Restaurant

 Region: Heart of Appalachia                                             

Locality: Tazewell County

169 Suffolk Avenue
Richlands, VA 24641

Serving:   Lunch   Dinner   

Phone: (276) 964-6012


23 Sept 2010

Dear Diary,

It was sunny, busy Thursday. I am fixing my things for my trip to New York and visit my Aunt for a while before I go back Manila. I am not expecting anything that day but Mike called me at around 1pm and asked me if I am cooking for dinner and I told him that I can but our fridge is empty. He told me he'll call me back again. So, put down the phone and continue what I was doing.

Ring...ring... then Mike goes: Sweetheart, we are booked at 6pm. We will have a dinner date. You still have four hours to get ready. And I was like... We will dress up? yes. you can dress up. Yey!

Mike came home earlier than the usual and he dress up also for our dinner. He gave me chocolates.  Awww and those are my favorites. When we arrived at L'Venia, we chose to have dinner outside. It was really romantic because we saw the sunset and cold breeze kissing our cheeks.

We had like a bar-b-q nachos salad for our starter and I give high five for that. It is really yummy! Plus the freshly baked bread with that amazing Italian sauce. For our main menu we had steak but I forgot what exactly we ordered. We have it on medium well and for the dessert we had double chocolate. Haha! I forgot exactly the names... Ang sarap kase!!!

It was a happy, simple dinner. It is our little get together for Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year... since we will be far away from each other. :/

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