Where: Tito Rad's

4912 Queens Blvd

Flushing, NY 11377-4462
(718) 205-7299
Open Weekdays 11am-10pm; Weekends 10am-10pm
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MY REVIEW: My Aunt brought me there because Tito Rad's is just across where she lives and she craves for PANGA that time. I am not craving for anything but I am just looking forward for dessert. 

So, yea we finished our main course then the waitress asked us if we want anything for dessert and I was like... oh yah! ting! :D then she goes... we have ice cream(nah!),leche flan (I can make better) and turon. And I was like... wow! that's new. Then I asked... mi langka? she said meron. Impressive! then my aunt got excited too then aunty goes... isa ka order nga turon (one order of turon) and i looked at our server and smiled.

After 10 or 15minutes ... I know! long wait but its worth it! I was just expecting the usual turon. A loooong one and that's it. But tahdan! it was rolled like lumpia with ice cream on the side and strawberry syrup. The presentation is like Cafe Breton. Nakakaaliw! Its really delicious with ice cream and the taste of banana and langka ... yummy! oh so delicious! you'll forget about the other desserts. haha! exage but I really liked it! 

We asked our server how do they came up with that idea. She said before it was just their staff food. The staffs just wanted to eat turon so they made one and then from then on they decided to include it in their menu. Great! <3 

Bravo Pinoys!


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