Walking around SD, Downtown

Thanks to my cousins who toured us around San Diego. First stop was in Mission Bay for jet ski then after Ate Iya prepared sandwiches, chips and drinks for us with dessert. Yum! Chit chat for a while and then walked around SD downtown. It was really fun. You should also do that... just walk and enjoy every bit of it without stressing yourselves where to go next. If you see ice cream shop stop and buy and continue walking, if there is a park sit and breath some fresh air. Because most of us forget to appreciate little things and the beautiful things that is just around us because we are so overwhelmed with the things that we don't have than what we have.

I am just thankful I was given a chance to travel with my cousins & my special someone and I will enjoy every moment of it. :) So take some photos and say cheese. :D <3


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