Sting Ray, Baby!

 Location:            Glutton Bay, Singapore

What to do:         EAT, sight seeing & bonding time with family or with friends
What to order:    Sting ray, Crablets and Rice
Best to Drink:    Sugar cane or Sarsi


Large rice


Advice:       If you will go there by weekend make sure that you'll be there before dinner time. At least
                   an hour so you'll have the perfect view, perfect table and less hassle for long lines.
                   Order the same rice as shown in the photo to have the yummiest experience. Geez!!! I am
                   sooo craving now!!!

                   By the way, you can order CEREAL PRAWN as well but I'll tell you SOMMERSET got
                   best CEREAL PRAWN. Till my next blog!!! Sommerset Cereal Prawn it is!!!


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