Double Decker Tours - Washington, DC. (Hop On, Hop Off)

 I really didn't expect that it will be that humid in DC. Geez! Because usually in the movies that I watched its always super cold and I didn't expect their summer to be like Manila. I thought its like San Diego ... sunny but cold breeze.      

Anyway, we tried the hop on, hop off tours which will take you to different tourist spots.  The ticket that we bought is valid for one day and it will take us on four routes - THE GRAND TOUR, ARLINGTON TOUR, the UPTOWN TOUR (key hotels) and NIGHT TOUR Your ticket is valid for one day. In our case we started our tour late afternoon which means we can still continue our tour the next day. The bus has specific bus stop where you can get off and ride again. The waiting time is every 5minutes but if weekends 15minutes because most of the time the bus is full. It will be standing ovation.

My favorite stops .... next blog :> xoxo

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