I work in a travel company and I often hear people say that the reason why they don’t travel is because “it is so crazy out there”. I won’t blame them. When you turn on your TV, you’ll see news about kidnapping, terrorism and political parties that just always want to protect their own interests. Newspaper is the same, page after page you read bad stories that impose fear. 

Psalm 91:1-7 ESV
Don’t get me wrong, I feel afraid too but I always keep myself in check if this fear is a healthy fear or unhealthy fear. Honestly, just recently a former co-worker of mine was missing and the next thing I heard he is dead. He was tortured. I couldn’t wrap in my head why would they do such thing? 

I was really afraid. Reality just hit me - that it could happen to anyone. I can feel fear is eating me up alive. I am worried sick for myself and my family. It was really unhealthy. I knew the moment I don’t want to go anywhere even to go shopping. Hello? who says no to shopping? not me. 

I was reminded when a kid is afraid they just go running to their father or mother and they know it will be ok. We all need something to hold on to, and to believe that it will be ok no matter what. 

So, in this crazy world I hold on to God’s promises. He is the only one who is constant and his love is just so wonderful that assures me it’s okay. 

The book of Psalm 91 is exactly what I declare when I am afraid. Peace sets in instead of fear. May you find that peace that comforts you in this crazy world we live in. 

Feel free to hold on to this promise and start seeing the beauty again in this messy world. 

Xoxo, Hannah Michael

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