A Clueless Blogger, starting a blog

I read a lot of practical ways how to start a blog frugally. They are all great but it is not for me. Okay, 1. I tried WordPress too hard for me to understand.  2. Blue host is still expensive for me and complicated. and 3. Just a thought of the things I need to do is discouraging. YAS! I will be so overwhelmed then I will procrastinate ---- to losing interest. You know, analysis - paralysis. Just being HONEST!!! 💁

So, here I am. I am using google's blogger / blogspot. Here are the steps I did to start my blog:-

1. Create gmail account (make sure the email address you created will be the official email address for your blog). Once, you created an account you will see on the top right beside your profile "the google apps" and select blogger.

2. Set up the name you want for your blog and this is the time you can buy a domain directly from google. It only cost $12 for one year and google automatically connects your domain name to your blog site / website.

3. Choose the themes that you would like and you can customized it later on.

4. Sign up for google ad sense. In my case, since I already have an existing ad sense account I just connected it to my new blog. You'll be compensated for this. Just read all about it. It is easy. No cost to have it.

5. Invest on the logo. I got mine from Etsy. I found a seller from Etsy that will sketch anything that you would like. I paid $35. Is it worth it? again YAS!!! 😅

6. Enjoy! I don't have any certain topic for my blog. I just like doing this or  maybe this is just me being random. LOL!


Hope that helps!

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