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I don't know how it came about. As far as I can remember, my husband told me that we will go somewhere once I passed my US citizenship. My eyes was sparkling with joy and excitement just like a kid.What an awesome motivation! To cut the story short I did passed my exam and interview. Yay! I'll blog about it in details soon.

from the resort website
I asked my husband if we will go on a vacation what would he prefer? tropical or in the mountains? he said vacation for him is somewhere tropical (I am super glad he said that). I did my research and weigh the pros and cons. If we go somewhere like Florida, Outer Banks and the like... we will need to drive. I am not okay driving to unfamiliar places, so usually my husband will do all the driving which for me is a no-no because it wouldn't be a vacation for him plus on top of that, I need to factor in cost of the food we will be eating everyday while on vacation (I may need to cook in order to cut that cost -ah no!) and I have my mind set on a week for our vacation.

That's the reason why I venture on "ALL INCLUSIVE" vacation which includes your Airfare, Hotel Accommodation, Airport Transfers (it varies where you book/travel agency but most of the time it is included),  and Food. Access to all Restaurants they have in the resort (it means you already paid for it. Just come with an empty stomach) plus drink all you can. It may be soda or your favorite alcohol drink. I kinda have an idea since I work in travel industry but I really didn't look into it until last year. I always see this Caribbean destination promotions from different travel agency through groupon and also, I heard from my clients about Apple Vacations. I knew it will be perfect for me and my husband. He doesn't need to drive long hours and I don't need to worry about our everyday meal. I started checking their website about last year November 2017. I am not a newbie on finding good deals and I know that the prices changes - depending what time of the day you look and what week of the month you are planning to go (make sure you erase your web history as well to reset all pricing). I played with the dates that gives me a great prices. It took me about two months to finally said that this will be our date. I asked my husband before all this if he wants to be involved in the planning? he said yes and no. 😁😅 It means he just want to know how much is the total cost for everything. I drive him crazy specially the time I was playing with the dates when is the best time for us to go. He was like - I don't know anymore, you said March last time? now May? Lol.  It's HILARIOUS!

I told my husband the set date (Yes set date for reals! LOL)  and the total amount of our vacation so then, we know how much we need to set aside each month. My real plan was just do it on my own through Apple Vacations website once we have the money but I am not at peace with it, not because their website is not legit -not about that! but I feel like, I don't have all the details I need and this is our first Caribbean vacation and I want it to be hassle free as much as possible.

Fortunately, there's a travel agency from where I work. I met Rona. She is wonderful. I told her where and when I want to go and guess what? they also work with Apple Vacations. She quoted me the same price as what was priced online but the great thing though, I wouldn't know little details like; I wouldn't need to pay for baggage fee since I am buying travel insurance. When I was doing it on my own, I included baggage fee in my cart on top of the travel insurance purchase. Eek! that saved me about $100. The travel insurance that I am purchasing has a guarantee that even on a day of departure, any decrease in prices via Apple Vacations website or in the resort we are staying in, I'll get that discounted price back to my bank and also, on the day of departure if something happen, just call before the departure time if you can't make it and no questions ask, you'll have your money back. Not that I want this to happen but it always nice to know what to do.

I told my husband about the travel agency and told him I'll do business with them. I forgot to tell you, that they will also hold that price for you, just make a deposit. With me, I just deposited about $500. I made that deposit middle of January since I have a go signal from my husband. Then, in my case they want the remaining amount by April 14. That's good two months to set aside money before the vacation. But hey! my husband is awesome we have the needed money already. So, we paid everything on February 15 and now we are just waiting.

Ah just want to say that I appreciate my husband because this vacation is not debt, it is PAID. It's very nice. I am saying this because during my single hood days I tend to overspend and be in debt. Isn't God awesome? He knows exactly the perfect better half for me.

By the way, Rona really did a great job! Before they swipe my credit card they checked again the price for me if there is any decrease. There was and saved another $100. I am glad I made a right decision to book through travel agency at least now I know enough details regarding our trip.

I will definitely give you all a detailed review for Apple Vacations after our trip and a review about the resort we will be staying. I couldn't wait!


Rona Berdar

tel#: 412- 3723094

xoxo, Hannah Michael

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