Confession of a Shopaholic...

Remember Rebecca Bloomwood? If you read the book you’ll know exactly who I am talking about. This is not a review about her but this is just to let you know how I had problems with shopping just like her. Yes that credit card debt too. It was cute and fun at first but later on it’s a problem. A problem that you created and so hard to get out of.

I am not going to give you details about my debts (not yet) but I just want to let you all know that God is really wise. He gave me a husband who is so patient, selfless and very forgiving. My husband helped me alot to be accountable for all the blessings that we have.

I still shop alot but I don’t shop crazy, meaning to be in debt just to buy what I want. I will give all the credit to my husband who took alot of his time to sit down and crunch the numbers and created our budget through YNAB “YOU NEED A BUDGET”.

What is YNAB? basically, the whole concept of this is, you’ll budget ahead of time. So, you won’t live paycheck to paycheck. For example your January paycheck is budgeted for February then February paycheck is for March then that trend goes on. My husband took his time to make this happen. He did all the math and read all the in and outs of this software application- YNAB. Ah! How awesome God is right?. My husband asked me to watch their videos so I’ll have an understanding how does YNAB works. Of course, I was pouting at that time but I am thankful that I watched it. 

The software YNAB, they have free trial for 34 days then after that it’s going to be $60 for a year. That was the price when we signed up 3 years ago. 

I have to say that my husband really did a great job categorizing our budget. He really made sure that there are categories for shopping, home decor, salon etc. The categories are where you a lot your money. For example, Monthly Bills then subcategories are phone, water, electricity, grocery etc. It look like this

This software helped me to know where I am on my spending and to know how to spend it the right way. It also helped us to communicate the right way and be accountable to each other. Even if we have to roll with the punches (sometimes) it doesn't stress us out. It also let us see where we need to cut cost. Like our cable bill, we are paying about $200 a month but we really don't need it. We only need internet because all the shows/series, we can all watch it online. It made see where we are really spending our money. It is really a very neat software.  

If you are like me, who have a bad spending habit. I would highly recommend YNAB for you. This isn't sponsored blog. I am a real paying customer, who struggled with finances and dragged my husband in that mess but were able to get through it and one of the tools that helped us, is this software YNAB.

Xoxo, Hannah Michael

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