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FUNCTIONALITY. I did a lot a research what litter box that would be the best for my cat and me. The first three weeks we got her, we just put the typical litter box you can buy at the pet stores. It was okay because Coco is using it with no problem at all but to me cleaning and scooping it out drives me crazy (I have to do it a lot of times) and also there was a time when she used it, her poop is all over the wall. Okay! now it's time to invest on a new litter box -I told to myself. My husband suggested that it should have at least a roof or some covering on the sides so the poop accident won't happen again and my main concern is I don't want to scoop and scoop the litter all the time. My goal is to have our concerns addressed. 

I looked at automatic litter box ---way too pricey for me and it is too huge. I don't have space for it. I found this litter box called Omega Paw Roll'N Clean Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Large, Grey Regular Size and I got it from for only twenty dollars and they ship it for free for two business days. I decided to buy it because of the following reasons:-

1. Functionality
2. Price
3. It is a space saver
4. It has a nice two tone to it
5. Coco loves it

I believe it was priced for $54 at Amazon (the time I was deciding on buying it). I usually buy from Amazon just because I have two day free shipping plus the convenience of returning it if I don't like it, will be a breeze. The only reason why I didn't buy it off from Amazon is because of the price. That's the reason why I found I was super ecstatic to just pay for $20 and have it ship to me for free for two business days. By the way, they also have awesome discount if you buy things in bulk. 

If you are looking for a litter box feel free to give this a try. And no this is not a sponsored product review. All the products that I will review in my blog, I paid for it. So, yes this is 100% product review from a consumer like you. Enjoy!


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