Olive Garden vs Panera Bread

I know that Olive Garden can get expensive but it is much cheaper than Panera Bread. How? When you are in Olive Garden, you can just order “soup and salad”. This means you’ll get unlimited soup, salad and of course their famous breadsticks for only $8. I really appreciate this option especially when you are in a hurry and would just want a quick but healthy meal.

No, I don’t hate Panera Bread. I actually would eat their food everyday, the only downside is their price. I usually order their “Pick two”. So, I’ll get Napa almond chicken sandwich and Thai chicken salad with baguette on the side. Take note that you’ll only get half sandwich but you’ll get a big bowl for salad or soup. I don’t get any drinks and try not to tempt myself to upgrade to get pastry (this is very tough. LOL) but you should try their bear claw - uh yum!!!

Anyway, for Olive Garden I only pay total of $8.99. This is without any drinks. I didn’t include my tip as I don’t count it as cost of the meal. Now, Panera Bread I paid about $11 for just the meal Pick two.
So, if you are going to Panera just to order “Pick two”, better go to Olive Garden and just to do “Soup and Salad”. 👌 

Xoxo, Hannah Michael

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