That Swimwear

Shopping for swimwear can be easy to some and difficult to others. Unfortunately, I am the latter. Before, the only problem I have is when buying for two piece, the top should be large and the bottom should be medium. So, you know when you buy two piece you buy it as a set. I don't know how I did it. There was no mix and match at that time but today yes you can do that. Now that I am married, I am a bit healthier (haha!) I can still wear two piece but I'd rather not. I don't feel comfortable in it anymore. After, searching and searching on pinterest, amazon, and all the stores I could think of. I finally, decided to try this brand "CUPSHE". I ordered their one piece because I like the look of it. It is one piece but it is not. 

I don't know this brand and I am not sure if they are from China. I didn't check their website because fortunately, they sell through Amazon. I placed an order through Amazon so I wouldn't have issues returning it and getting it quickly as they were on two day shipping. 

I ordered Medium size. It was perfect. This bathing suit is really flattering and at the same time classy and modest. I liked it so much that I decided to order another one. Same style but different design. This time I ordered directly to CUPSHE. I paid extra for 5-7 business days shipping. I received everything on time.

Why I ordered the same style? here are the reasons:

  1. Who wants different tan line? not me. I learned my lesson. I wore this crochet tankini, okay? the bra part no problem because it has a layer to it for the padding but the crochet hanging on my tummy, it has little holes to it. After a long day sunbathing, I remove my tankini and saw my tummy. It has brown spot then a inch or two white spot. That was my whole tummy. It looks like I have a six packs but it's more on -what did you do? If somebody can see it. 😅😅😅 but good thing I can easily cover it up. So, yup! I make sure I'll have even tan line every time! 
  2. I like that it covers a good portion of my tummy and the top fits me well.
  3. The bra. I don't have to tie it, I just need to hook it. 
  4. The price is good. I got a discount for my first order through CUPSHE. 
  5. I feel really good in it. That is super important for me. 
I couldn't wait to share some photos and couldn't wait for that day! CARIBBEAN, two more months!

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