Asahi All You Can Eat

This was our second time in this restaurant. The first time we were really hungry and excited to try their food. It says in their outside sign that it is “ALL YOU CAN EAT” restaurant but when we came in there was no buffet table anywhere. We were really confused, so then the owner welcomed us and asked us that if it was our first time in their restaurant. We said yes and I told him that we would like to try the all you can eat but where are the selections of food? Then he was like - Ah you will like this new concept. We will make everything fresh for you that’s why no buffet table. Come I’ll get you a seat. 

Our server greeted us and gave us a menu and pencil. You have to check the food that you would like to order or put a number on the spaces provided. It is up to you how you want to do it as long as they know what exactly you want, so they can make it for you. 

They have a ton of selections for sushi. Our favorite is the MONSTER ROLL. I wasn’t able to snap a photo of the back part which where you can check / order for monster roll.

All in all their food is delicious but you really have to come in here when you are really hungry. My husband does not eat alot but I do. Food is life. 😂 Kidding aside, when we decide to go again, will make sure that we are both hungry because when we went this time we feel like we just threw our money away. I wasn’t able to order my hibachi because there was no room for it.

The price per person for adult is $20.99. It’s really a great price to eat all the sushi you want and they really have a great selections of food.

Would I recommend it? YES. It will be fun if you’ll go with group of your friends. So, you’ll talk more and slowly digest the food and eat more.

For more info:-
Sushi & sashimi, plus hot Japanese meals with rice & soup, in a sharp, modern venue.
Address16 Old Mill Blvd, Washington, PA 15301

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