Driver's License Renewal as Naturalized Citizen

First off, I would like to say that the process of my driver's license renewal was quick. I have been reading about people rants / complaints how they don't like to renew their license because they don't want to go to DMV because the process is slow. It took me just half an hour to get my new license. I just want to share that the last time I applied for my driver's license is in the Philippines. It took me the whole day just to get my license and that is nothing compare to half an hour. I am just saying this to remind everyone that we should be thankful that we are here in America and to always be thankful that the process for getting our driver's license is quicker compared to some other part/s of the world - in my case, Philippines (takes a whole day! People, whole day!).

Second, make sure that you'll bring your original documents that you will need. I tried to check online what are the documents I need to bring as a Naturalized Citizen. I didn't find anything but I decided to bring the original copy of my Naturalized Certificate or passport, birth certificate and if you have a change of name make sure to bring that certified copy too.

Third, as soon as you get your number and called at the counter, make sure you mentioned to them right away that you are renewing your license and that you are already a US Citizen and they will ask for the documents they will need from you. In my case, they just scanned my Naturalized certificate and also make sure to bring a check with you because some DMV center does not accept credit card.

Fourth, make sure that you are camera ready. I was camera ready but I didn't like my photo -LOL. that photo will hunt me for four years! Arrgghh!!!


That scene from Zootopia  though is so HILARIOUS!!!!

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