Coleman’s Fish Market

|| old post from 2011||

One day we decided to explore Wheeling area. Those were the days that we were like - what are we doing here inside the house? why are we sitting here? we are not old!!! as soon as my hubby said the word old we got up on our seat and hurried to get our butt in the car.  LOL.

I started searching online where we can go around Wheeling area, we know that we are hungry so we decided to look for must try food. I used YELP app in my iphone and I pull up Coleman's Fish Market. The reviews was really shining with four stars and plus my hubby loves seafood. We decided to drive there and we are just right on time, as soon as we placed our order whew! the QUEUE seems like will take forever but honestly I applaud them for their systematic way on how you will place your order and it is really fast.

The Food. We had their special - Coleman something (I forgot what exactly they called it) together with it is fries and I decided to order clam chowder soup. I asked hubby how he thinks about the food. He said he likes it. I can't agree with him because I didn't like it. I am not a fan. It is lacking of something. Maybe I am just used to eating real fresh seafood that's why I am kinda disappointed. What I am saying is that it is not that great but it is decent. But we both agreed that the clam chowder soup was really delicious. That makes my whole meal fab! and fries too!!!

We'll still visit as my hubby likes it and I'll definitely try different from their menu but for sure it should be with fries and clam chowder soup. :)

The best part of our Wheeling exploration is that... we left our car in the Centre Market and walked around downtown in a cold sunny day. It's so perfect! I'll share more soon...

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