Sweetest Place On Earth


For chocolate lovers and non-chocolate lovers.
Everyone will definitely enjoy.

Details about our trip

This was so random that I just told my hubby that I want to get away for the holiday. He said if I find great deal that's right on our budget then we will go. In short, this was sort of last minute trip. Woo-hoo!

1. Cocoa Country Inn 
1518 E Chocolate Ave, Hershey, PA 17033
$50-80 / night
No complimentary breakfast
Free Parking
Chocolate Theme
Welcome treats (chocolates) 
Walking distance to restaurants
Clean and we just need to lay and rest our heads at night.

*If there was an availability at Super 8 hotel, I will book there. It is new and it has complimentary breakfast.

2. Pho Miss Saigon
1736 E Chocolate Ave, Hershey, PA 17033

Oh man! I was super happy that this Vietnamese Restaurant is just
1 - 2 min. walk from Cocoa Hotel. Their food is super delish! When we were there, they were literally short staff. Just one person doing everything from greeting customer, taking orders and cleaning the tables. That guy was superb! We gave him a very good tip because he was able to manage the floor by himself!

Lupet ni Manong Tsing!

3. Hershey Park
100 Hersheypark Dr, Hershey, PA 17033

I made sure that I purchased our ticket online even before
we get there. I also worked around that schedule so we would have enough time to spend in the park and outside the park.

Kisses, you're the cutest

This is a pulled pork sandwich but has chocolate flavor. Yummy!

we went during Easter and look at that! Lovely!


4. Groupon

Check groupon for some deals that you can do outside Hershey park.
I found Hershey Museum and Around the World Chocolate Tasting. We enjoyed it.

This was our favorite.  Cocoa from Ghana!

5. Funnel Cake 

Of course! Theme park visit wouldn't be complete without taking a break and spending time with that hot, crunchy and sweet funnel cake!

I never had funnel cake in my entire life until my hubby introduced me to it. I'm in love!

No photo of the funnel cake because we devoured it! No regrets!😀😀

6. Simply Chocolate

This is super expensive $15 per king size shake but you know, we are enjoying our time and we would like to try it. It is different! (memories)

Hubby said next time we will just order one because we can't even finish it. I agree.
Take note, we both got sweet tooth!

That's the looong line

7. Be observant / Spend time with that person 

You will see that some of their street lights are "kisses" shaped. And sometimes,
their stop light too.

Have a time to just enjoy your time with the person / people you are with and forget about updating your social media even for just a day!

8. Enjoy the Rides

Get that Park Map and it will tell you about the rides.

9. Have a Sweet dreams

10. Head back Home

with sweet memories and of course some Hershey's bar!

If you have time, spend a day or two at LANCASTER, PA. 
Dutch / Amish County. 

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