DIY Sharpie Shiplap... Not

PENCIL! PENCIL! I used PENCIL to draw my faux pas SHIPLAP. šŸ§”

Hello y'all! It's been a long time since my last entry but it's because I have been very busy doing house projects. I am going to share with you 1 of  bazillions house projects that I actually got to put a check mark on and that is the "SHARPIE SHIPLAP.

You heard it right! Sharpie to create a faux pas shiplap which actually unbelievable at first but upon looking all the tutorial I was able to toughen up and you know --- JUST DO IT!

Here it goes. I did it in my kitchen which basically already have white paint.

Before Photos

You can see it's pretty much very boring color but for me, I like how clean looking it is and how it made my kitchen brighter. We live in Pittsburgh and we don't get much sunshine here that's why I never complain about having my kitchen painted in white. 

Anyway, here are the materials I used:-

1. Leveler  
2. Pencil
3. Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Marker -BLACK
4. Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Marker - WHITE (this will be your eraser)
5. Ladder (if you need to)
6. Ruler

Please be sure to thorough clean the wall where you decide to do your sharpie shiplap. Okay, these are the steps how exactly I did it.
1. I measured 7" from top to bottom of the wall (I start with what is going to be my "accent wall") and then just marked it.
2. I started drawing lines using my pencil just to see how it will look like. Now, I start from bottom then up. 

3. I liked what I saw. I then, decided to draw shiplap to all the wall of my kitchen. I just followed the lines from my accent wall. So, the lines will look neat.

4. I then started using sharpie (I started from bottom). Confession, I didn't like it. Lol! I opted to just use PENCIL. I just darkened the lines and it turns out, it look more shabby chic than the sharpie.

5. DONE!

It would have been just 3-4 hours project but since I opted to just use PENCIL i have to darkened all the lines until it's exactly how I wanted it. It took me a day but I enjoyed every bit of it.

I want to thank Pinterest for the inspirations and tutorials.

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