My Cat's Watery Eye - No more!

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*Above photo is not an ad. That's exactly what solved Coco's watery eye issue*


Coco 2018. With Eye Issue

Coco's right eye is usually watery that makes her not properly open it and sometimes it will have some gooey discharge around her eye. We have been to the vet for the nth time to address this eye issue but nothing works. If it does, just temporary and her eyes will be watery again.

One of her doctor told me that she is just overproducing tears and her other doctor told me all the factors that may have caused it. Just tried our best which is the best route to go. So, we did eye ointment for a while and also I did a change on her diet, always cleaning her bed, making sure our floor is dust free (mop it everyday, bought some air purifier and etc. Unfortunately, she still have watery eye. How frustrating! I felt like I am on a dead end because I thought I exhausted all the things that I know can help her.

Now, one afternoon my hubby found this video about cat litter. This Youtuber explained how a lot of people are wasting their money buying cat litter like tidy cats (which we use) and the like. Honestly, when we clean their litter box, me & my husband make it a point to wear a mask because of all the dust it spits out in the air. On the side note, we didn't know those masks will come in handy for 2020! 😏😷

Anyway, this  awesome Youtuber suggested this Cat Wood Pellet Litter. We transition them from clumping litter to wood litter. It was a smooth transition though I remember, when we first introduced them to the wood pellet litter, Coco is trying to eat it. Haha! 

Honestly, we changed their cat litter because it is getting very expensive and little did we know, that's exactly Coco needs to stop her eyes from having issues. We noticed it after a month or two that her eyes is not watery and gooey anymore. It's been two years since we changed their litter and Coco's eyes is so bright and clear as the beautiful sky in the Summer. Thank God! and she is the happiest!

Coco 2020. Look at those Eyes

Coco 2020. On her baby basket

If your cat/s is having eye issue try to consider changing their litter. It all make sense now, if me and my hubby wore mask not to inhale the dust when cleaning the clumping litter. Imagine our cats inhaling all of it in a confine litter box and dust going to their eyes? 

I hope this helps as we want our fur babies healthy and happy.

Here is the Wood Pellets we are using

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