Part 2 - How To Travel To Manila, Philippines During Pandemic


Part 2 - When in doubt, call your airline/s and or go to the official government website that has covid-19 advisory

March 7, 2021/ Sunday/ Quarantine Hotel


In my case, I chose only to transit within US territory. Usually when you fly to go to Philippines, airlines connect you through NRT, Japan or ICN, Seoul. Well, for how many years I am flying to and from US - MNL that's where I always connect to.

Since it's pandemic, I decided to just transit through US territory. My itinerary goes like this ---

PIT (Pittsburgh)-EWR (New Jersey) - LAX (Los Angeles) - HNL (Honolulu) - GUM (Guam) - MNL (Manila)

the reason I chose this is because it's easier for me to know the rules and restriction of each state than connecting through a different country. Since it's pandemic, every country has their own rules and restrictions. One of the most common thing that you'll be required... is to provide negative covid-19 test result. If not, you can't board the plane. Also, take note that, there is only a certain validity window (example within 72hrs) for the negative covid-19 test result and it will be so stressful to figure it out due to time difference. So, choosing this route is a no brainer.

So, I had issue with my HAWAII connection. Some people are saying that I need to provide negative test result and some people are saying - people who is only transiting through Hawaii does not need one. I told myself, I need to get to the bottom of this because if I get stuck in Hawaii that's not good - not when it's pandemic because I will need to quarantine for 10 days at my own expense. Uhm - no thank you! 

Here's what I did. First I called my airline and asked them about my concern. My airline confirmed that I won't need to present negative covid-19 test result and gave me the link to verify the information that they gave me. I also emailed the government of Hawaii regarding my concern. Within a day, I got an answer and confirmed that I don't need to present covid-19 test result but I need to register to "travel Hawaii" - and it will generate QR code that I will present when I land in HNL airport. 

Just remember, resources are already available to you. Just need to know how to use it and of course, it includes a lot of prayers -- only God can give you the wisdom you'll need. 


A day before your travel, just be sure to check all the requirements to all your connection and to your destination. Again, I am sharing this based on my experience going to Manila, Philippines from USA. 

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