California Zephyr - Superliner Roomette or Bedroom?


Photo from Amtrak

Straight answer - IT DEPENDS.

Which can you afford? Superliner Roomette is cheaper and Superliner Bedroom is pricey though you'll have your own private bathroom.

I decided to booked the bedroom but I did some adjustments to afford it. Instead of doing roundtrip, I only booked one way and since I fly for free, we'll just fly back home. 

Also, even after you booked your train ticket, please do check the Amtrak website from time to time because Amtrak sometimes change their pricing. I was able to save about $300 because there was a price difference when I checked their website. I just called Amtrak customer service and told them about the price change. The customer service then refunded the difference back to my bank account. 


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