Part 4 - How To Travel To Manila, Philippines During Pandemic



Warning: All Rules and Restrictions are based on this dates -March 03 to March 09 of 2021

At this time, Philippine government requires all entering the country to have swab test on the 5th day and have a booked quarantine facility for six days. 

Here is the thing, it is so confusing about this 5th day swabbing because the time of your arrival is not counted as day one. Let me explain, I arrived March 3 but my first day of quarantine does not start until the next day which is March 4. And this is all according to Philippines rules and restrictions. 

It is easier for me to just think I'll be swab on the 6th day that's why

*I booked my hotel for total of seven nights plus I look at it also how will I budget my money if in case, you know... they didn't have my result on time and I need to extend my hotel stay.

This timeline is according how it will be easier for me to navigate through all the Philippine rules about quarantine.

MARCH 3, 2021 (DAY 1) - Check-in at the Quarantine Hotel. I stayed somewhere in Pasay. YUP! I ate Jollibee. 

MARCH 4, 2021 (DAY 2) - Jetlag. I ate Tapa for breakfast. The best! and I ordered more Pinoy dish through out the day. FUN!

MARCH 5, 2021 (DAY 3) - Jetlag. So much love from Family and Friends. Hindi ako nagutom! 

*received an email from Padlab to confirm my information. Please make sure you reply asap to this email. 

MARCH 6, 2021 (DAY 4)- Slept all day. Bawi from Jetlag.

MARCH 7, 2021 (DAY 5) - This day is getting into my nerve. Parang ayoko na dito sa room but the next door hotel guest kept me entertained. Grabe! Pang teleserye and comedy! Na aliw talaga ako!

*Called front desk just to let them know that, it's my fifth day and if there anything I need to do to make sure that Padlab won't forget about my swab test. Front desk assured me all was good.

MARCH 8, 2021 (DAY 6)-  THE DAY! Swab test! 

I was up so early because I was expecting that my hotel will be the first stop since their lab is just around the area or I am just sooo excited to be out of this room!  I know it my mind that I am so done with this quarantine and I want to see Pilipinas na! 

6am  -I was telling myself... too early for them to start. I ordered brunch nalang. lol

7am -called Front Desk. Just because I want to.

1030am -Worried.

1130 -Super worried! Still no call from Front Desk that Padlab people are here. *Heard the next door neighbor that she'll be leaving today. That she got swabbed yesterday!

12nn -I can't help it. Went out of my hotel room, checked the room number next door, went back to my room and picked up the phone and called her. LOL. She said she got swabbed yesterday at 8am! (Oh my gee!)  PANICKING! and she got the result this afternoon plus the Certificate of Quarantine! 

2pm - checked out PADLAB FB page. There's a forum there. People who are waiting to be swab this very day. I chat with them. Hala! parang friends kami agad! na-aliw ako. Sabi nila PATIENCE is the key daw. OKAY.

3pm - Crying. 

4pm - Iritang walang magawa!

5pm - called front desk. Lol. Told me they can go late - 7pm for swab test.

530pm - Phone rang! Hello! Ma'am, they are here for your swab test! My heart talaga! *kilig na mi halong iyak.


==== Next day naman! Result + Certificate of Quarantine! 

MARCH 9 (DAY 7) - Would I get everything on time or will I need to add another night?


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