Classic Eyelash Extensions Flawless by Lola Review

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//Behind every woman's beautiful eyelashes is a wonderful artist.//

Service: Classic Eyelash Extensions

When: 21 May 2021 at 11am

Where: 4101 Brownsville Road Suite 200 Pittsburgh, PA 15227

Price: Worth it! $$$ 

*I got first time customer discount rate, just like what she advertised on groupon.


I first saw FLAWLESS BY LOLA on groupon a year ago but due unforeseen circumstance I canceled it. Fast forward to this year, I have special celebration coming up and wanted to look extra pretty (lol) so I thought I'll give eyelash extension another try. 

Why another try? A little story...I actually had my eyelash extension done by Dekalash, Greentree (2 years ago). I wanted to try their service and so I went ahead and got their groupon deal. It was not a great experience. The lady who did my eyelashes never even bother to have a conversation with me. I feel like, I was treated unfair because I came in using just a groupon / promotional rate. 

To make the story even worse, my eyelashes hurts even when I just blink or wash my face. During the process, It's stinging here and there. I would ask her to fan it out. It was a bit traumatic trying eyelash extension for the first time. 

Back to FLAWLESS BY LOLA. I remembered FLAWLESS BY LOLA and wanted to check if I can still try her service. I search on groupon and fortunately, I saw that she still got deals running. I read her groupon reviews and I am really intrigued by the shining five stars reviews she got. 

All Dolled Up

I called her according to the groupon reviews she got. Please do call her before buying anything off of groupon. Lola is so easy to talk to and you'll get the answer you'll need right away. In my case, I called Friday and wanted to check if she got opening for the next day. She said she will let me know as soon as there is someone that reschedules. She told me that I don't need to worry about buying off of groupon as she will honor the rate she advertised on groupon for all her first time customers. Later that day, I received a text from her, informing me that she can schedule me for tomorrow. YAY!

I came in... in her little charming studio and was greeted by LOLA. She made me feel so comfortable and had good conversations. 

Honestly, I didn't feel like I was treated less because I am trying FLAWLESS BY LOLA classic eyelash extensions service on a promotional rate. I received VIP treatment. 😊 

LOLA is so personable and sweet.

After care essentials

My fear of eyelash extensions is restored! I didn't have any issue with how LOLA - FLAWLESS BY LOLA did my eyelashes. During the application, I never felt any stinging sensation or even the need to ask LOLA to fan it out because it hurts.  

I can blink comfortably without any problem. I washed my face, eyelashes does not hurt at all. 

What a wonderful service I received from FLAWLESS BY LOLA. 

FLAWLESS BY LOLA reviews is not just a hype, its for real!

Definitely be back for her services and continue to support local small business like FLAWLESS BY LOLA who will treat you the best!

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