Lost in Dulles Airport, Washington


 Continuation to Oh no! I missed my flight!

I decided to stood there for a while because  I am lost. I am nervous. I feel ugly. I feel like laughing. So, I relaxed my brain and my feet. I let the train pass me by and I saw glimpse of my face. I can't help but laugh at my reflection. LOL. I waited for a while looking for people to ask or some familiar face from the flight but there is none and then aha! I saw women in uniform. United Airlines stewardess, our flight crew. Thank God!

I told myself I should just follow them when they hop in to ride the train... I will too. When they get off, I will too. I was like I shouldn't be wrong. We will have the same train stop. :p Every stop I was checking on them which is weird because they might think I am spying on them or what. And what's even more funny I can see that even them having doubts when to get off--- hahaha! Good thing the Chinese couple in front of me asked someone where to get off for baggage claim and the guy said next stop. YAHOO! Thank you Lord. :) it really gives me goosebumps every time. God is really indeed is in control.

I was able to reach the baggage claim area just on time. I was really looking around when I get there because Mike must be there hiding or spying on me and I feel so conscious. LOL. I walked towards the conveyor to wait for my luggage then my phone beeps its from Mike. He texted me:-
Mike: Are you here? 
Me: No. 

I am not moving or not trying to look around because I don't want him to feel that I am looking for him. So, I waited there and busy typing this to him -- I am nervous. My heart is beating fast. Then suddenly, I received a message from him --- Hi. And on my peripheral I can feel someone is checking me out and it irritates me. So, I looked with my irritated face then when I saw that person. He was smiling with flowers in his hand. I walked to him and said -- Mike! and hugged him. Then he whispered to my ear while we are wrapped in each others arms ... God really made a way for us huh? and I said... Indeed

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