Part Two: Infertility Journey (Diet and Herbal Natural Fertility)

My regular Ob-gyn can't do anything anymore. I am okay with it. At least, now I know that even if I am having period, I am not releasing egg because I am not ovulating.  She advised me to go ahead see a reproductive specialist. She kept her promise and did exhausted all the tests she can to somehow know what is really happening to me. Oh! I forgot to mention that she ordered to have my hubby's boys checked out too. Hubby's boys are all swimming just fine. I am super thankful for this doctor who really cares and listened. 

Mid 2013 I decided to do the Cohen Diet. There are just great claims that a lot of women who are struggling with infertility are getting pregnant and their hormonal imbalance is fixed because of this healthy eating. It is a six month diet program. The target weight that I need to achieve is 116lbs. I didn't achieve my target weight but from 135lbs to 120lbs. It was just a bonus for me to loose weight but doing the diet makes me feel great and I got my period every month. My cycle became regular. I am the happiest even though I didn't get pregnant with Cohen Diet but knowing just eating the right diet can heal your body is just amazing. So, Cohen Diet -done. 

2014 I decided to go natural way. I found this website called natural fertility I paid for consultation to help me navigate how to start with their herbal treatment and or what is the best to take for my specific case. They suggested  was Maca powder, Fertility Green (this is what I love the most), CoQ10, DIM Complete and their extracts (like oils you add to your drink or salad?). I only tried it once, I can't take the smell and taste of the extract. I never re-order them. 

All the vitamins, I made it part of my diet and I even loved doing my smoothie because of their Fertility Green powder. 

I did all these for about one - two years but still no pregnancy. My period is  on and off again. I feel so defeated at times but I need to just have faith that God is in control and all HIS promises are true.

I went to my primary physician and it was in a different location and I saw that on the opposite side of my primary physician's office is an Ob-gyn. I decided to do a google search about this doctor and decided to give it a another try. I booked an appointment and saw her and talked to her. It was a mistake. She was very rough on me. She told me why I am not still seeing a reproductive specialist considering my age. And basically, told me it's a dead end for the two of us. Yup!

In all honesty, I was really hoping and praying that I don't have to go to a reproductive specialist because I know for sure, that insurance usually doesn't cover expenses for infertility. That's one reason I keep on trying different Ob-gyn. 

Also I did Cohen diet and natural fertility treatment because I am a big believer that proper diet can fix and heal your body. I didn't regret doing it all because I know it helped me somehow. Even though it didn't give me the result I really wanted but it made me come to a decision that it is time...

After five different Ob-gyn, fall of 2016 we decided to see reproductive specialist. 

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