Intro: Infertility Journey

A little background about me -specifically my reproductive health. I started having irregular period in my twenties. I guess you know, life happens. Reality sets in... college is almost over and I need to look for stable job plus the thought of... will I ever meet the one for me. LOL! Those might be factors that changed my period cycle. #stress

I decided to seek for medical advice as I'll get my period only 1-2 times a year and sometimes to none. The doctor put me on a birth control to regulate my cycle. It helped, but I don't want to be dependent on it just to regulate my cycle so I stopped. The doctor also mentioned that I have Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and advised me, if I want to have a baby make sure that I'll act on it fast because I will have a hard time later on. I was twenty three when I was having this conversation with my doctor. I know in my heart, I want to have a family but I was super young and I still want to accomplish somethings or do things. My heart was shattered and somehow my hope too but I decided to hold on to my faith and believe that HE IS IN CONTROL no matter what the doctor said. 

I had the best single life with my wonderful friends and family, was even able to worked outside my native country. I was able to travel with my own money and get to travel with my mom or dad and sometimes the whole family. I never stress or worry about my irregular cycle. I tried to eat healthy and always pray about it. 

Year 2010, I met my husband. I was twenty seven then and we tied the knot year 2011. I was twenty eight and he was thirty four. It was actually the exact age (twenty eight) I prayed for to get married ten years ago when I attended this camp called "true love waits", I was eighteen or nineteen then. How amazing God is!

Me and my hubby even before we got married, talked about having family and we are okay having a bunch of babies. I even asked him how many kids he would like to have, he said a basketball team. Yay! 

We never prevented to get pregnant but at the same time we are not trying either. We just want to enjoy early stage of our married life. If it happens, it happens. That's what we both agreed on. I was okay with it and one year has passed I started to get a bit worried. I shared to my hubby my worry and he said that I can go to see a doctor. Hubby wasn't worried about it but he understands my worry.

The next blogs are series of doctors I've met, treatments I did and other things that I did to help myself  and improve my health. 

I do hope that this blog will find comfort to some and hope to all women out there who is struggling and battling infertility.

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