Oh my! I missed my flight!


The turn of events really amazes me up until now. I believe that the Lord knows exactly what's my hearts desire. There are times I just wanted to settle for second best but His love is more than enough to sustain me and His promise that " For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay." Indeed there is a blessing when you obey. All I desire is Lord, you write your beautiful love story of us (whoever is that man).


with YZA
Wake up sunshine! 23rd of June 2010. This is it! I am going to meet him in real life. Made some coffee for myself while me and Mike chatting over messenger. We are just letting each other know what we are doing so that we are on track and won't forget what we need to do and by the way he needs to drive 6-7hrs to pick me in Baltimore Airport that's why he is packing some stuffs too. 

So, alright.  It was a smooth morning. Took a bath on time, checked my things if I packed all the things I need; put some make up and making sure that I am not stressing myself too much because I am really nervous meeting him for the first time and I want to look fresh and pretty. My friend also told me that they are just 30mins away from the airport. The route she did is drop off her hubby at work then go back to their house to pick me up then airport. So, she was able to picked me up around 830am. I was just really calm down because I know everything will be fine.

In the airport: Arrived there 9 or 9:15. Suddenly, I felt that I need to be in a hurry because I need to check in  my luggage -- I have to! it is way too big for the required hand carry, plus my plane will leave at 10:02. The queue was alright but the kiosk is new to me. Urgh! I hate technology! You'll have to deal with the computer to check in your luggage and key in some info. for it to generate your boarding pass. 

In the kiosk / check in counter: I started to key in the infos that it needs from me and then -boom! the machine says too late to check in your luggage. My heart starts (DOu-GUG-DOuh-GUG) pounding so fast that I can hear it in my ears. It was 920 that time. 

my e-ticket and my boarding pass. Spot the not. LOL!

The ground staff: I asked for her help. I told her that I am checking in my luggage but it says too late for me to check-in my luggage and she asked me what time is my flight. I was really hesitant to tell her. So, I said it in my low little voice - around 10. She  said you are late. You have to rebook your flight.  WHhhhhhhaaaaaAAt??!!!!????? I breath -inhale and exhale then said to her in my so desperate voice (yeah! I never thought I got that so desperate voice) No...(puppy eyes) I need to be in Baltimore by today. Can you please help me? please? then I was really praying and reminding myself who God is in my life. Then finally, she said... Alright. I'll give you a boarding pass but I don't know if security will let you pass because your luggage is big for hand carry. I asked her, so you think they will let me pass? She said you try but she advised me to put my one purse inside my luggage so that I'll just have two carry ons.

Re packing area: I sit down for a while and thinking of throwing my luggage and transfer everything to my LeSportsac big gym bag. But, I am thinking also, aside that it will eat my time; if I leave my luggage somewhere or beside the trash bin they might think it has bomb inside it and its going to be real troublesome. Well, I was really thankful for God's guidance that despite the pressure I can still think straight and not in panicky mode. In short, I decided to put my laptop bag inside my luggage and keep one personal bag with all the important docs that I'll need. At this time, the super stress look that I don't want to have turned into harassed look. No kidding! I got up from the re packing area and by faith slide my luggage while saying - they may say that this luggage is over sized and they won't let pass but with you Lord nothing is impossible.

Security Area: Oh man! quarter to ten and the line is slow moving. I am really exhausted and  sooo thirsty. I was looking on their luggages if there is size as mine... there is none. If there is...its not obvious because they are big people as in obese big. purfft! I heard also that someone from my back commented that my luggage is over size, they doubt if security will let me through. I just kept on praying. When its my turn to show my passport & ticket, I smiled, look straight into his eyes and said thank you but my heart is really beating so fast and I am really shaking because I have to carry my luggage to put it in the scanner. I feel  as if I am on a slow motion while I put it in the scanner. That all I can hear is the sound that I make. LOL. Then, GREATNESS! no one yelled at me or I didn't even hear any murmurs about my luggage size then I continued... took tray for my personal bag, passport, boarding pass then while I was fixing my stuffs I forgot to take off my shoes  then I heard someone say from my side... hey! (what is paranoid and so tense--I slowly move my head to see who is it) don't forget to put in your shoes. He is old and one of the security people. So, I smiled and thanked him for reminding me and he smiled at me. I was able to got in but Toot-toot! my luggage is going in and out of the scanner. They need to open it. And Guess what? the old security guy that I smiled at is their boss. Woot-Woot!  the only thing he took from me is my L'oreal hair conditioning spray and the rest even if its not 10ml he let me keep it. Oh yes! my beauty passed the security.  

TICK- tock! 10 o'clock!!!

Running to get to my Gate Number: I checked my boarding pass it says gate 85c. I didn't wait for the escalator to take me up. It was really a heavy luggage plus a body bag -- painful! but I wasn't feeling it at that time all I am aiming for is to get to my gate and be on the plane. I was running ... my hands are all shaking and my throat is so dry that I am choking... I was really using my saliva for me not to choke. I was like a thirsty dog literally with my tongue hanging.                                                                     

At gate 85C: Me: Hi. I am here for this flight. (I gave her my boarding pass) Ground Staff: this is a different flight. Your plane flew already. Its gone. I can't do anything. Me: But (loong pause & helpless) I have my boarding pass they shouldn't left me. (I was really so weak that I can't cry) Please. I need to be in Baltimore by today. Please help me. Please. Ground staff: (looked in my eye) why are you late? security? Me: yes. Please. do something? Ground staff: There's a flight  @ 1030 going to Dallas then you need to wait for your connecting flight going to Baltimore. (I was like... why would it go to Texas, Dallas? eiw! of all the place. No! it doesn't make any sense) but you have to wait if there is still seat for you.  I checked my watch its 1001. I asked the ground staff again. Me:  Dallas? will I arrive Baltimore by today if I get that flight?  Ground Staff: Yes. It will be in Dulles Airport and just wait for another flight going Baltimore. (Geez! Dulles Aiport not Dallas. perfect that I asked again) Me: Is it going to be a direct flight? Today I will arrive at Dulles(I mentioned it again to make sure. LOL.) Airport? Ground staff: Yes. Let me get your birth date and so I can print out new boarding pass for you. Is that your luggage? I said yes. Ground staff: Are you sure? they allowed you to bring it in? you passed by security? I just smiled and said yes. Ground staff: that's impossible and then she puts sticker on it. I just smiled. 

You know, I am really thankful that I know some of the airports in Washington. Even if the ground staff says that there will be plane leaving going to Dulles...why would I care I need to be in Baltimore. I won't take the risk. I will be afraid and clueless of what might happen plus she said that I need to wait for my connecting flight. No way!  But I thank God I did my research before for my cancelled business trip in Washington. The moment the ground staff said Dulles Airport (or I understand that its Dulles not Dallas) I just know that I can take that flight and just let Mike know that my flight was rerouted (LOL. as if. ayaw pa umamin na naiwan ng plane) and I'll be in Dulles Airport instead Baltimore. 

I texted Mike that I missed my flight and that I am a chance passenger for United Airlines going to Dulles Airport. I missed my Baltimore flight & will try to get on the plane for Dulles flight. I said sorry to him & asked him to be in Dulles Airport instead. And that I will let him know if I am able to have a seat for that flight. He just replied...are you ok? I'll be there. Awww... Thanks! that's what really I wanted to hear. I was expecting that he will get mad or replied differently like -- why? or what happened? those questions that will require an explanation that I really don't need at the moment. You made my eyes twinkle at that very moment Mike. LOL. But true.

I got my boarding pass and I am just literally staring at it while I listened to the instructions the ground staff  telling me. I shut off everything except her then she's like ghost whispering to my ear --- she was like: go to gate 75A. Wait for your name to be called and then they will assign a seat number for you. I will put tag on your luggage because it won't fit the storage cabin. Just put it on the side before you get on the plane and they will take care of your luggage. Boarding time is at 10:09... & then boom! I looked at my watch...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMMYYY GAAADDDDDD!!!!!!! beep! beep! road runner mode again? its 1010.  75A gate is on the other side!!!! get out of my way! can't afford to miss this flight anymore.  

At gate 75A: 10 steps away I can hear the stewardess calling my name. Beep! Beep! LOL. Then when I got there half of the passengers are already inside the plane. I went to her and asked her... You have seat for me? please say yes. Then she smiled at me and said - Yes! yes! you'll be in Washington by today. :D She wrote in my boarding pass my seat number and said to me ... enjoy your flight with us. 

Inside the plane: I sit down transfixed. I smiled and then I laughed. I can't help it. Mixed emotions. then I said --Lord, thank you for letting me be here. 

What's more amazing for missing my flight?

1. I did not pay $20 for my check in luggage.
2. My travel time is shorter. 
From LAX to Baltimore: 5hr 6min
From LAX to Dulles:      4hr 55min (wooohhooo! winner! :D)
3. I'll see Mike earlier because he'll pass by Washington first then Baltimore(an hour and half from Washington). 
4. Dulles Airport is a POSH Airport. Its expensive to land there. 

Touched down before six in the evening. I don't have anything to redo my harassed look. Dang! But anyway, the adventure doesn't stop there... I followed the sign for baggage claim I walked and walked then the next thing I know... I need to ride an airport train? huh?!? to get my baggage? Panic mode! It doesn't says there what station should I get off. Oh cheese whiz!  I am lost in DULLES airport! 


to be continued  -- https://www.xoxohannahmichael.com/2021/05/lost-in-dulles-airport-washington.html

I just want to thank United Airlines staffs for being so helpful and being efficient.  Excellente'!

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